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Safety and health Activities

The industrial Safety and Health Activities

安全衛生To keep safe and healthy work environment, Takako conducts the industrial safety and health activities at every workplace.


Industrial safety and 
health activities
phase 1

In order for all staff to have clear understanding of safety measures and moral awareness,


Takako provides “5 safety rules card” and “5 moral rules card” during the job training.

phase 2

Takako conducts the safety and health committee every month to ensure each workplace follows the Industrial safety and health policies to prevent work related accidents.

All work related accidents are reported to us and we make accident prevention policies through the committee.

phase 3

If work related accidents occur, we will contact each workplace to make sure the safety and health policies are observed.

We will make all necessary changes to prevent future accidents.

phase 4

As a work force provider, Takako attends safety and health meetings held by each workplace to make sure all safety and health policies are observed.activity1en

If necessary, we will make suggestions and changes in order to improve the safety and health policies at each workplace.

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