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Continuous contract

Long-term employment. That’s what we are know for! 

雇用の継続力“Being honest, kind and considerate”


Tired of working on short-term contracts? We have a solution for you.

Most of our contracted companies are located within 25km radius of central Oyama.

Takako is contracted with over 100 companies within 25km radius of central Oyama. Even if your contract ends in a short time period, we will promptly place you in a new workplace to ensure continuous employement.



With over 1500 staff members, Takako has become the largest dispatch employment agency in the area that provides a wide range of job openings.


Please feel free to contact us. TEL 0120‐107‐769 Open between 09:00 and 17:00.
Closed Sat., Sun., and Gala day.