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Dispatch worker service

Dispatch Worker Service

人材派遣Being honest, kind and considerate


Due to the increasing demand of dispatch workers the number of the dispatch worker agency has been increasing as well.

trust Be smart when selecting a dispatch worker agency.

There are tons of thousands of dispatch worker agencies around but none of them are as realiable as we are. Takako gained its reputations over the past 20 years and it has now become one of the biggest and most reliable agency in the area.

Enhanced recruitment solutions.

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Job ads are commonly and widely used as a means of recruiting new members. However, based on our own experience we do not think it is as efficient because it is less likely to reach out to the people we are really looking for.

How do we recruit new members then?

Most of our members are introduced to Takako through their friends. We use the power of word-of-mouth. Satisfied members bring more members to us. That is how we maintain stable supply of human resources.

Maximizing the abilities of our members.

Country of Citizenship

Multi-lingual staffs registered at Takako to better assist foreign workers.

Our ultimate goal is to become a dispatch worker agency that provides job opportunities to anyone regardless of their age, gender and nationality. In order to achieve our goal we are always working closely with local companies to expand our own capacity to accommodate all job applicants. We also plan on hiring multi-lingual staffs to better assist foreign workers from different parts of the world.

Currently there are 5500 foreign workers in the city of Oyama. Most of them are engaged in their jobs through Takako or willing to find jobs through Takako.

State of the art transportation service.

We highly value your desire to work.


Free transportation bus serviceCommuting is a common issue we always face when hiring new members. While some of them can commute on their own using their cars, most of them need to rely on the public transportation or ride bicycles to work. Our transportation service is the solution for this issue. Our transportation service gives our members more choices and flexibilities when selecting their jobs, and allows us to communicate with the members on a regular basis. It also leads to a solution for parking issue. With most of them commuting on our transportation service, you don’t need to worry about providing parking spaces for our members.

Providing localized services.

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We provide ideal staffs for your business.

Rather than expanding our business into the surrounding areas we stay locally to provide more extensive support to our existing clients and staff members.


Most of our contracted companies are located within 25km radius of central Oyama.

We believe that lack of attention and support to each of our staff members directly leads to deteriorations in the quality of work force. It is our responsibility to pay close attention to each staff member’s physical and mental conditions, provide extensive care to support their daily lives. Additionally, by having our clietns close to each other, we are able to swap our staff members around when needed which allows a stable supply of human resources to your business.

Please feel free to contact us. TEL 0120‐107‐769 Open between 09:00 and 17:00.
Closed Sat., Sun., and Gala day.