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Organizational stracture

A strong organizational stracture

組織体制Complying with laws and regulations

As a dispatch worker agent, we are required to comply with all laws and regulations including the Labor Standard Act, the Industrial Safety and Health Law, the Employment Security Law, Gender Equality In Employment Act and the Immigration Laws.

We are also responsible for making our clients aware of all these laws and requirements.

Up-to-date on fast changing laws and regualtion.


The Worker Dispatching Law was updated in Sep 30, 2015 which ensures the job security and benefit for the workers.

In order to keep ourselves always up-to-date and to be able to comply with the developing laws and regulations we have been working closely with labor law advisors who are specialized in each laws and regulations. Also we have developed our own system to be able to correspond to the legal obligations in every details.

core system

Please take a moment to look at our compliance strategies when selecting a dispatch worker agency.

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