Takako Co., Ltd. – Temporary Staffing Service : Business Contract : the Industrial Training and Technical Internship Program

Getting started

Getting started

getting started

Step.1 Contact us

Please contact us for any dispatch worker needs.

Step.2 Consultation

We will visit your office to provide free consultation for your dispatch worker needs.

Please provide us with detailed information. We will make various suggestions based on the information provided.

Step.3 Sign the contract

We will complete paperwork based on the Dispatch Worker Services Law.

Although this process requires a number of legal documents, we have all reference materials to help your finalize this process, so don’t worry about it.

Step.4 Selecting workers

Our unique computerized system selects suitable candiddates for your business based on the information you provided.


Step.5 Job site tour

We will visit the actual workplace for a tour. During the tour you will be poviding job descriptions to the candidates.

The candidates are also encouraged to ask any questions they may have regarding the job.

Once we reach a mutual agreement, we will officially place the candidates to your company.

Step.6 Start working, follow-ups

Prior to placement, the workers will be put on a job training. We will also be following up on a occasional basis to make sure that the workers are performing as expected.

If you have problems or not satisfied with the workers, please notify us immediately. We will do our best to work it out for you.


Step.7 Renew the contract

We will contact you prior to the termination date to see whether you wish to renew the contract or not.

If you are not satisfied with the workers for some reasons, we can suggest replacing with other peronnels. If you choose not to renew the contract, it will be terminated on the date specified on the contract.

Please feel free to contact us. TEL 0120‐107‐769 Open between 09:00 and 17:00.
Closed Sat., Sun., and Gala day.