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Useful information for those who are planning to hire

Useful information.

Please contact us via Telephone or Online contact form if you are interested in posting your listings.

New information listings.

    Enhanced recruitment solutions?

    Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely on job ads as a source for hiring new members. We take a different approach in hiring new members.

    As you can see in the figure below, a majority of our members are introduced to us through their friends.
    That’s what makes us outstanding in the industry.

    How did you hear about Takako?

    about me  

    Introduced by friends, Recruitment magazine, job ads, Internet ads, Our website

    Ever thought about this?

    I’d rather hire someone that I know well…

    A smart and easy way to hire dispatch workers.

    We believe that working with multiple dispatch worker agencies is not the best solution. In general you tend to work with multiple agencies to cover excessive labor shortage. Is it really efficient? Typically job seekers are registered with more than one agency who relies on public media to recruit new members. That means those agencies are sharing the same sources and information. This situation makes them less competitive and less responsible, as a result, you will not find ideal workers for your business.

    At Takako, we take pride in introducing ideal workers for your business by using our own sources.

    Please feel free to contact us. TEL 0120‐107‐769 Open between 09:00 and 17:00.
    Closed Sat., Sun., and Gala day.