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Our history


May, 1991 Established INC, LLC (formerly – The South America Exchange Center)
May, 1992 Established Takako, LLC, an independent company of INC,LLC
Feb, 2004 License for a general worker dispatching undertaking approved
Feb, 2005 Change the legal entity to Takako, Inc
Mar, 2005 Opened Oyama office (Oyama, Tochigi) and Takasaki Office (Takasaki, Gunma)
Jan, 2006 License for Fee-Charging Employment Placement Businesses approved
Mar, 2013 Relocate the Takasaki office to Isesaki (Isesaki, Gunma), and renamed it Isesaki office
Mar, 2014 Earned ISO9001 Certification in manufacturing on our own factory
Jun, 2014 Opened Koga office (Koga, Ibaraki)
Jul, 2016 A new company president named Taizan Hayasaka has been inaugurated.