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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Manufacturing work in a vibrant workplace

Manager’s Comment

It is the job of manufacturing electric appliances. If you are motivated OK! We do not have the necessary qualifications or difficult tasks. Short-term work of about 4 months is also welcomed. It is a well-reputed workplace that has a good atmosphere and is easy to work. I also have many seniors from the same company, so I think that it is familiar. For those who wish, there are transfer and dormitory.

Area Tochigi Ken Tochigi city
Work Contents Manufacture of electrical appliances (line work).
Wage \1,050 (Easy work \900)
Working Hours 8:25~16:55

Requested, experienced welding person.It is work of metalworking with high wages.

Manager’s Comment

It is work of welding (semi-automatic). We would like to manufacture metal processing such as housing members of major house makers. There are so many jobs throughout the year that I get a lot of money. Because my colleagues are working a lot, it is familiar.

Area Tochigi Ken Tochigi city
Work Contents It is work of metal working such as housing parts.
The main work is welding (semi-automatic) work.
Wage \1,200
Working Hours 8:00~17:00