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Leading Door Manifacturer, which there is a stable amount of work for you to work

Manager’s Comment

It will be a work at our contract workplace in the major blue-chip firm factory. You who would like to remember work and aim at treatment improvement widely. Or You want a steady and stable job! Well, you can do either in this job.

Area Ibaraki Ken Joso city
Work Contents It is a manufacturing operation of the residential entrance door. Picking of parts and material setting on the machine and all you have to do is to press the button to do the operation, highly specialized inspection and assemble of doors. Surely, this suit to your job preferences. Good luck in doing your work, and it is possible to aim as the person in charge of the workplace.
Wage \900~\1,050(Depending on the work. If well-skilled, increase of salary is possible.)
Working Hours 8:30~17:20