Takako’s pick-up service work. (Both men and women are working)

Manager’s Comment

First, there will be an individual lecture from our transportation, educational section, after the lecture you will be seated at the passenger’s seat while a senior driver is driving for you to check the rules and routes of the job (driving) so you will be able to start the job at ease. Currently, we only don’t have male drivers but also female drivers.

Employment status Contract employee
Area Tochigi Ken Oyama city or Gunma Ken Isesaki city
Business Car drivers

Work Contents

This is a job where you will pick-up and send the staffs of the company to their respective homes and working places. You will be driving the same routes so you can easily remember them. Some have 1 to 3drives a day for those who do this as a sideline job, 6 to 8 drives for those who take this job as their main profession.
Wage \1,000~ (it takes about an hour for every drive, earning will depend on how many times you will drive. Approximately \30, 000~\200,000 of earning monthly.)
Period Long term
Required number Any time
Working Hours Monday to Friday (365days) from early in the morning till late night (24hours) You can freely consult for your own time and day to drive.
Overtime None
Age 20’s to 60’s
Experience and qualifications Ordinary vehicles license (medium-sized, will be preferential treatment If you have large license)